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Mark Levin is one of the hottest properties in Talk radio today. He is also one of the leading authors in the conservative political arena. Mark's radio show on WABC in New York City skyrocketed to Number 1 on the AM dial in his first 18 months on the air in the competitive 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM time slot. Mark's latest book, "Unfreedom of the Press," is out now. When your books are endorsed by Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, you know you have a winner on your hands. In a short period of time, Mark has become one of the most listened to local radio Talk show hosts in the nation.

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On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, six presidents have used the Insurrection Act or federalized that National Guard for various national emergencies. Yet the media wants you to believe that putting U.S troops in American cities to protect U.S citizens would be an act of dictatorship. Then, surrogates for Black Lives Matter are turning a blind eye on the four Black men and one biracial woman that have been killed by rioters over the past week. Joe Biden is ignoring these deaths and has not offered to attend their funerals as he did for George Floyd. All of these cities are run by Democrats and pushed segregation for 100 years. Later, Heather MacDonald joins the show to explain the disproportionality of deaths among black men in high crime areas. Basing statistics on the population as opposed to actual incidents is how the media perpetuate the falsehood that the police are systemically racist toward black men despite the evidence not being there to support it. Afterward, critics of President Trump have done everything they could to take him out. Disloyal former staff members trying to sell books will make provocative statements like former Defense Sec. Jim "Mad Dog" Mattis said that Trump is a threat to the Constitution. Not the looters, rioters, or blue state mayors, but it’s Trump that is to threat to America? This rhetoric is nothing more than an attempt to sway the 2020 election. Finally, Mike Lee calls in to discuss the hearings with Rod Rosenstein today.

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