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Today marks the 100th episode of the Alexa Saarenoja show and to do something different for this episode Alexa has made it into a workshop episode. So grab yourself some paper and a pen before you begin this episode. In today's episode you will learn how create an alternate reality (a more desired reality) of your life by examining your mental models of various categories within your life. By uncovering mental models that might be at war in your mind and keeping you stuck in a cycle or simply frozen in life, unable to move forward you can then begin to dismantle the ideas that are holding you back and progress forward in life more easily. It's time to take action and transform your life. Let's do this!

Life Transformation Course mentioned in episode: Take Over Make Me Over
Free e-course – How to Feel Better Fast – 3 Keys to Unlocking your Happiness.

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Facebook: alexasaarenojashow

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