College Hill UMC Worship

College Hill UMC Worship

College Hill United Methodist

College Hill UMC is a progressive United Methodist Church in the heart of Wichita, Ks. We hope you will listen to these messages of love, acceptance and grace.

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...for this Replacement Model, the balance between the universality and particularity of God's relationship with humanity clearly comes down more heavily on the side of particularity. God's love is universal, extending to all; but that love is realized through the particular and singular community of Jesus Christ. Paul Knitter

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  • 423 - One and Only: The Replacement Model 
    Sun, 13 Jan 2019
  • 96 - When the Time Comes Let It Go 
    Sun, 08 Mar 2020
  • 95 - You Do Not Have to Walk on Your Knees 
    Sun, 01 Mar 2020
  • 94 - Make a Beautiful Fire - Ash Wednesday 
    Wed, 26 Feb 2020
  • 93 - Imagine the Prayer 
    Sun, 23 Feb 2020
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