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Established in 2019 Progressive House UK is a global Progcast station & electronic music mix show for like-minded people. Each week we produce a new 'In The Mix' show from our team of resident underground DJs. We also feature a very special 'Guest Mix' series and partner with Flux Electronic Music to bring you the very best of scenes from renowned or emerging international DJs. You can also find us online on Facebook & Instagram where we create & share unique content, discuss music, UK events, DJ stories and general memorabilia from the electronic music scene. Music Is Our Shared DNA.

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This is Progressive Vol2

Get ready for a journey through the progressive soundscape with our very own head honcho, Danny Jarvis. He's back with the second installment of "This is Progressive," a series that promises to deliver the very best progressive house music from around the world. experience to new heights.

  1. PROFF - Nibbana (Volen Sentir's Pink Sky Retouch) [Monstercat Silk]
  2. Steve Fokas - Drifter's Theory (Hot TuneiK Remix) [Guateque Music]
  3. HAFT - Whispering in the Background [Hoomidaas]
  4. Nick Muir - All One Word (GMJ & Matter Remix) [Proton Music]
  5. Taylan - Back To Mars (Juan Lagisquet Remix)
  6. Kamilo Sanclemente - Stellar Echoes
  7. Guy J - Metal Dreams [Lost&Found]
  8. Nick Muir - All One Word (Original Mix)
  9. Taylan - Sin (Yonsh Remix) [Magnitude Recordings]
  10. Jiminy Hop - Revizor (Original Mix) [Univack]
  11. Andrés Moris & Rocio Portillo - Evolver [Sudbeat]
  12. Guy J - Illusion [Lost&Found]
  13. Mind Of Us - City of Angels (Extended Mix)
  14. Digital Mess - Ring Singularity [Mango Alley]
  15. Sasha & Because of Art - Fused (LNOE)
  16. Oliver Whickham - Hyperjoy

A massive shoutout to all the residents and guests whose relentless dedication and collaboration breathe life into Progressive House UK. 

Your unique contributions have made this journey possible. Let's keep the progressive vibes alive and pulsating!

Stay tuned for more updates and let the progressive waves wash over you. 🎶🌌 #ThisIsProgressive #DannyJarvis #ProgressiveHouseUK #MusicalOdyssey

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