Talk Python To Me

Talk Python To Me

Michael Kennedy (@mkennedy)

Talk Python to Me is a weekly podcast hosted by developer and entrepreneur Michael Kennedy. We dive deep into the popular packages and software developers, data scientists, and incredible hobbyists doing amazing things with Python. If you're new to Python, you'll quickly learn the ins and outs of the community by hearing from the leaders. And if you've been Pythoning for years, you'll learn about your favorite packages and the hot new ones coming out of open source.

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You've built an awesome set of APIs and you have a wide array of devices and clients using them. Then you need to upgrade an end point or change them in a meaningful way. Now what? That's the conversation I dive into over the next hour with Stanislav Zmiev. We're talking about Versioning APIs.

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  • 792 - #450: Versioning Web APIs in Python 
    Thu, 22 Feb 2024
  • 791 - #449: Building UIs in Python with FastUI 
    Tue, 13 Feb 2024
  • 790 - #448: Full-Time Open Source Devs Panel 
    Thu, 08 Feb 2024
  • 789 - #447: Parallel Python Apps with Sub Interpreters 
    Sat, 03 Feb 2024
  • 788 - #446: Python in Excel 
    Fri, 26 Jan 2024
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