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American Thought Leaders

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At a time when our nation is portrayed as increasingly polarized, media often ignore viewpoints and stories that are worthy of attention. American Thought Leaders, hosted by The Epoch Times Senior Editor Jan Jekielek, features in-depth discussions with some of America’s most influential thought leaders on pertinent issues facing our nation today.

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Within a few hours of his second shot of the Moderna vaccine, Andre Cherry started having tremors in his left arm, which then spread to his other limbs. Soon he was forced to use a wheelchair. As his symptoms have worsened, he and his family have spent the last two years seeking help—and answers.

His brother Christian is now his full-time caregiver, and they have both become advocates for the vaccine-injured.

“If people acknowledge that vaccine injuries are real—that they can devastate families, they can devastate individuals, can bring them to the brink or over the precipice of death—and actually be moved to help the people who have been crying for it for years, I’d be satisfied,” Andre says.

Views expressed in this video are opinions of the host and the guest, and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.

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