Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio
Gina Lenee' - Autumn


Gina Lenee' 23 hours ago
David Hicken - Seraphina


David Hicken 23 hours ago
Giorgio Costantini - Life


Giorgio Costantini 23 hours ago
So Much More - So Much More

So Much More

So Much More 23 hours ago
Greg Howlett - Fairest Lord Jesus

Fairest Lord Jesus

Greg Howlett 23 hours ago
Craig Urquhart - The Dream of Make Believe

The Dream of Make Believe

Craig Urquhart 23 hours ago
Keith Martinson - A Time to Love

A Time to Love

Keith Martinson 23 hours ago
Brad Jacobsen - Wolf Trail

Wolf Trail

Brad Jacobsen 23 hours ago
Holly Jones - Agape


Holly Jones 23 hours ago
Joe Bongiorno - To Be Held

To Be Held

Joe Bongiorno 23 hours ago
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Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio is an online radio station exclusively dedicated to piano solos. It was launched in 2003 by David Nevue as a vehicle to promote his own music having found no other radio station willing to showcase it. As soon as the station began live streaming globally, other artists began flooding Nevue with requests to also broadcast their music.

Whisperings is now a global platform where musicians and piano-music lovers could share their passion.

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2. David Hicken - Brief Odyssey

3. Craig Urquhart - The Dream of Make Believe

4. Cathy Oakes - Bittersweet

5. Michele McLaughlin - The Space Between

6. Anastasia - An Arduous Climb

7. So Much More - So Much More

8. Please - If You Want, When You Want, How You Want

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10. Michael Dulin - Solitude

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2. So Much More - So Much More

3. Piano Mane - Whisperings

4. Please - If You Want, When You Want, How You Want

5. Gotan Club - Whisperings

6. Adam Andrews - Water Over Ashes

7. Mark Pinkus - Apple Mountain

8. Elias Haddad - Teenagers in Love

9. John Albert Thomas - Night Falls Softly

10. Boh Cooper - Longing for Home


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