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The Ramsey Show believes you can build wealth and take control of your life—no matter what stupid mistakes you've made with money. Join as Dave Ramsey and his team of experts answer your questions on the top problems holding you back. Listen now or ask your question live by calling 888.825.5225 weekdays from 2–5 p.m. ET. Learn more at

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💵 Start your free budget today. Download the EveryDollar app! Jade Warshaw & George Kamel answer your questions and discuss: "I was scammed after taking out a HELOC and lost $150k," This common mistake could cost you millions of dollars, "How can I fix my past mistakes in my marriage?" "My employer is underpaying me," "Can I use a personal loan to pay off a credit card?" "An ex-employee is still driving my company car" Support Our Sponsors: Churchill Mortgage: Get started at Zander Insurance: Go to or call 800-356-4282 for a fast and easy quote today.  Health Trust Financial BetterHelp: to get 10% off your first month Next Steps 📞 Have a question for the show? Call 888-825-5225 Weekdays from 2-5pm ET or click here! 📈 For help with investing, get connected with a SmartVestor Pro.  🚢 The Live Like No One Else Cruise is booking fast!  Listen to more from Ramsey Network 🎙️ The Ramsey Show   🧠 The Dr. John Delony Show 🍸 Smart Money Happy Hour 💡 The Rachel Cruze Show 💸 The Ramsey Show Highlights 💰 George Kamel 💼 The Ken Coleman Show 📈 EntreLeadership Ramsey Solutions is a paid, non-client promoter of SmartVestor Pros. Learn more about your ad choices. Ramsey Solutions Privacy Policy

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