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Grocery shopping, measurements, weight & sentence structure, subordinate clause. Paul is sick. He’s doing his grocery shopping in the supermarket. After that, he wants to go home, take sleeping pills, and write a message to his boss about his sick leave. Things are not going well at work at the moment. He should work more and play less detective. So he wants to give up trying to find his lost book by himself and go to the police instead. And he wants to call Grandpa tomorrow. He thinks whether he should tell him that the book was stolen. Will Paul really confess to Grandpa that he lost the book, and break his heart in doing so? Transcript, lesson and extras: Learning German with training wheels The characters in our story DON'T speak at a regular speed, just like native speakers among themselves. Why?They speak natural German. But we put in countless hours of work to direct every voice actor so that he or she speaks a bit slower and more clearly, adapted to the language level. You can always speed up the audio in the app. We believe this is the better way. Just as we believe that at the beginning, training wheels teach a child to ride a bike better than bruises from falls do. If you want know why we spent over 1 1/2 years of work before we even published our first lesson, go to Book a German class with our show host Christian: Booking link: Connect with us: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: Buy us a cup of coffee: Paypal Donate Link: Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts: This link might help to find us on Apple Podcasts: If not, launch the Apple Podcast app on your iPhone / iPad and tap the search icon (on top). Search for “German Stories | Learn German with Stories”, and tap on our podcast. Once you're there, scroll down to "Ratings & Reviews", and tap "Write a Review" (or log in first). Write us something nice and give us 5 stars :-)

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  • 43 - 42: Ich muss etwas machen! | I have to do something! 
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